Our Mission

We inspire people to do what they are absolutely passionate about through expression and natural healing. We encourage you to put your primary passion and healing first.Our mission is to help people find their purpose in life by using 10% of your purchase to create and fund a non-profit that helps other dreamers find their purpose. Each piece is made out of genuine crystals and stones which have its own meaning and offers healing.

Our Story

Adiaha Eyo Collection was created to honor the designer's, Nsikan Simone, late father's determination to live in purpose. His name was Macanisious Eyo Edet known as Eyo. Eyo, a Nigerian immigrant, came to the US to create a better life. While working at a prestigious organization, Eyo knew that there was more to life. Eyo gave up his six-figure salary to drive a taxi so he could spend more time with his family. Nsikan aka Adiaha, which means first daughter, spent countless hours riding in the passenger seat of Eyo’s taxi. In that seat, Eyo taught Adiaha lessons on life, happiness and pursuing dreams.
Adiaha didn’t know Eyo was teaching her the definition of purpose. That fueled our mission.