Where have you been?!?

Where have you been?!?

Hey everyone! I know it’s been about a while since anyone has heard from me. My close friends and family ask, Where have you been? What's going on with Adiaha Eyo...all the time! So it seems like a good time to share. 

So much has been going on over the past few months. My life during the pandemic was...let’s just say...EXCITING. So much so that I am just getting my footing back.

I was a mom! Yes, well, not a mom but an auntie mom. My niece and nephew usually come to dc and spend a few weeks with me during the summer. This time, their stay extended from 6 weeks to 5 months while my sister was in transition. I learned the tiring work of running a household- cooking, cleaning and VIRTUAL LEARNING! 

Once my niece and nephew returned to their mom, I found myself falling into a depression. I missed having them around the house. The solitude was affecting me emotionally. Despite attending counseling regularly, the thoughts of loneliness, being single, unmarried and without kids were staring me in the face. I was home, single and alone again-despite being in a relationship, this is the reality I am processing. 

I am a Nigerian American. This company was created as a result of the impact that this country had on my father. He taught me lessons on life, love and the pursuit of following your dreams. I use jewelry to  motivate and remind people to live their lives with intent. My family back home in Nigeria was directly affected by SARS banks, business, and land was destroyed. For days, I was left helpless and infuriated by the happenings in Nigeria. To be 1000s of miles away from the family members you love not being able to do nothing about it was difficult. 

My life was on lock and making jewelry was hard for me because I could not create

Covid 19 has affected me deeply. Family members have gotten it. I have had scares, and in some instances, it left me paralyzed. But I worked through it. 

...And then here comes the holidays. I had all extraordinary things planned out for you all: bracelet sets, necklaces, and even a unique candle set.  I ordered and planned and ordered and planned and then ...my part time job called on me. 

In addition to Adiaha Eyo, I am also behind the scenes creative at a Megachurch. As a leader it required many long zoom calls and demanded a lot of my creative energy. With15 years under my belt doing the work came naturally... and ultimately Adiaha Eyo took a back seat.

Have you ever been so deep in something that you didn't know you were doing it?!? Until it was almost over? And you ask yourself HOW DID I GET HERE?

Well, that was me mid-December like; how in the world did I forget about my baby, my business, my creation, I didn't leave corporate America to forget about my first love, Adiaha Eyo

Life is too long to live without doing what you want to do or be happy doing it. The quiet time, not having boundaries on my time and uncertainties of this world had me distracted. So i took a moment too regroup my self. I have started writing down my new goals and others I just picked back up again. myself 

Did you know that Adiaha Eyo directly translates to Eyo first daughter. I am Adiaha Eyo. 

And this is why I am back to my first love Adiaha Eyo.

Thank you for checking in on me. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for being a part of my village. 

I am back! My business is back. My love for motivating you is back. 

XOXO - Nsikan Simone

 I hope in sharing my story you find encouragement to heal and move forward. Take the time you need to step away. But fight.

Fight for your life. Fight for your dreams.

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Hi Adiaha,
Yes U missed😀
It’s good to know that U have overcome All in Victory!!!
Victory belongs to U!!!
Continue to stride in joy, strength, love, & your sweet smile.
Your Ring Queen—April🌺🌺🌺


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