Rose Quartz Forget Me Not Candle

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I created this candle to remind you to take care of yourself.

When you receive it, take a moment to admire its looks and smell it. No, for real, take a moment to enjoy its beauty and fragrance for however long you need, but when it's over, move to the next moment.

This candle was created for you to burn. Burn the candle!

The flame creates its own elevated moment. And moments were not made to last forever. Each serves its purpose before submitting to the next.

Take a moment to burn this candle while creating some time for yourself.



Crystal: Rose Quartz

  • Scent is lavender + Rose (Fragrance created by Zen In A Jar)
  • Globe Amaranth Head Flowers
  • Burn time is up to 25 - 40 burn hours
  • Candles are 14 oz each
  • All-natural soy wax 
  • Hand-poured in D.C. 


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